Gaspari's paintings

It's not known how much artwork Gaspari created. We know he made around 500 postcards from which at least one made it to every Slovenian household. He illustrated and worked on 250 literary works. But the amount of paintings remain a mistery.

I've been researching Gaspari's cultural legacy for a few years now, between all of his artwork I'm mostly interested in serching for and documenting his paintings. I'm searching in museums, galeries, libraries and private homes. So far, I've documented around 300 of his pantings. The data that I collect are: title of the work, dimensions of the painting without the frame, the date and technique of the work. The artist has often written verses and other information on the back of the piece.

Thereore, I ask you to contact me if you are in possession of any of Gaspari's artworks.

The Gaspari's Nativity Scene


Maksim Gaspari

Maksim Gaspari, born on January 26th 1883 was the firstborn of Ivana Švigelj from Selšček and Jakob Gaspari from Karnija. He spent his first years of primary school in Begunje, he created his first illustration The Legend of Jernej's Fly or About the Turks in Begunje, in his childhood years...

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